APRIL 23rd 2022

Nick + Sarah

Life is full of little surprises...

Our story is one of divine timing. There were many chances for us — we even went to high school together! — but it didn’t click until the right moment. We feel so lucky that the universe finally aligned, allowing us both to find the great love of our life. Here’s a little about how we got here.

Shortly after their mutual friends’ Jim and Ali’s wedding, Nick and Sarah found themselves at the same golf tournament. They were reintroduced by the duo — who hold the title of Cupid in their relationship — and while they shared nice conversation, the timing was off. Sarah, who was living in L.A., pushed the chance encounter from her mind. Until four years later…

The First Time

The Next Time

March hits, bringing with it the pandemic that drew Sarah back to her parent’s home in Arizona — coincidentally in the same golf community as Nick’s parents. Jim spilled the news of Sarah’s move to Nick during a round of golf, commenting that the four of them should grab dinner. Both Nick and Sarah were dating other people at the time, but Jim and Ali wouldn’t be dissuaded that easily. The dinner never ended up happening, but that didn't mean Nick had forgot about Sarah. 

The RIGHT Time

Shortly after both ending their relationships, Nick and Sarah met up again at — you guessed it — Jim and Ali’s house for a pool party. That same spark was still there between the two, prompting Jim and Ali to set up a surprise dinner between the foursome the following week, unbeknownst to Sarah, of course (“I would have worn my hair down if I knew!” she laughs). The two clicked even more at dinner, extending the evening into what Nick affectionately calls “a drunken Master Chef showdown” at Sarah’s house afterward, where they bonded over a second dinner of steak and potatoes. “I don’t think either of us really wanted the night to end,” says Nick. He crashed in Sarah’s sister’s room for the night, making sure to pull out all his best moves. “I was always taught to make the bed. My mom told me that it's impressive—not everybody does it, and you want to make sure you make a good impression. I look over at Mara’s bed, and there are about 18 pillows — it's well above my ability. I'm a one pillow, one blanket type of guy. I decided to not even chance it and sleep on the day bed instead.”

Post-slumber party, Sarah invited Nick to her birthday party, where he quickly won over her friends and showed just how well he balanced Sarah out. “I had focused so much on decor and a fabulous cake, I complete forgot about getting any booze,” says Sarah. “Luckily, Nick shows up like a boss with handles from Costco and big jugs of margarita mix to save the day.” Later that evening, after all the guests had gone, the pair shared their last first kiss. The spark was officially lit, and the two made plans for their first official date the following week.


The First Date

You could say Nick was determined to make a good impression on their date... 

So much so that he made not one, not two, but seven reservations for dinner, determined to find a spot that Sarah would love. “Our friend Ali mentioned that Sarah was going to be expensive. I laughed at that, but I really should have listened,” he laughs. Nick settled on one of Sarah’s favorite spots, Sanctuary, committing to an early reservation for drinks. 

When Sarah found out about the plans, she worked her magic to score the pair the best table at the place, complete with sunset views of Camelback Mountain. Though she was nervous for their first date (“I called my sister in a panic, who had to explain that what I was feeling were butterflies—I literally do not remember feeling that way before," she says), she immediately relaxed when Nick grabbed her hand.

Soon after, a 6:15 dinner turned into nearly a six hour hang, a feat that the staff at Sanctuary likes to joke about with the pair any time they return. “Our first cheers during the night was to our last first date,” explains Sarah. “We kind of laughed at that, but I just knew.” Nick felt the same, adding, “I did too—I’d spent five years trying to get that first date.” 

A week later, the pair swapped “I love you” on the eve of the Harvest Moon, after enjoying Sarah’s signature lamb dish she cooked up for Nick. They spent the following months together laughing, creating memories, cooking, traveling and falling more in love. 

Things just felt right—for them, for Sarah’s beloved pup Mia, and their families, who spent the Thanksgiving holiday together the following month.

By Christmas, Sarah had moved into Nick’s house, while he began his search for the perfect ring—and the plans for the perfect proposal.

Falling In Love

Just us, a homemade meal, and the glow of the Harvest Moon

First meet cute

Sarah and Nick first meet at the FDR golf tournament and hit it off!


LOML Timeline

our love story


Sarah comes home for two weeks when the pandemic first hits and reconnects with Nick. (Nick and Sarah eventually get matching Hunt Slonum bunny masks).


first kiss

Nick and Sarah share first kiss at Sarah's Birthday together and quickly schedule their first date at Elements Resturant at The Sanctuary 



About two weeks after they started dating, Sarah cooked for Nick the first time. She made her "famous" lamb chop recipe. Nick thought it was so delicious he told her he loved her. The pair said "I Love You" on Harvest moon and started their fun tradition with full moon phases.


new holiday traditions

Sarah and Nick create new holiday traditions by sharing Thanksgiving together and cooking stuffing, picking out Christmas trees, decorating Gingerbread houses


New Years eve

Sarah and Nick's first vacation together was at Castle Hot Springs over
New Year's Eve.


Sharing favorites

Sarah and Nick continued to fall in love by sharing all of their favorite things; Nancy Meyers movies, Lord of the Rings, French/Jazz Music and  Espresso Martinis.
Find more of our favorites below.

Then Nick proposed on Pink Moon....



Jim and Ali invite Nick and Sarah to dinner at Buck and Rider for a double date. The two of them stay up all night chatting and Sarah invites Nick to her Birthday.


ALBUMS we deliver annually









COUNTRIES we've traveled to










by the numbers


NICK PROPOSED under a pink moon, surprising Sarah with help from their families. SARAH SAID YES!

April’s Pink Moon was fast approaching, and Sarah suspected (and hoped!) Nick might propose on the special occasion. She had no idea that Nick had already ask her father, Mark, for her hand in marriage. Hopeful she’d have a reason to celebrate — and in true Sarah fashion — she bought a pink dress for the occasion, ready to say yes to the man of her dreams. The Saturday closest to the Pink Moon, Nick made reservations at Sanctuary, the spot where their first date took place. Sarah thought it was to propose — but Nick was really doing it to throw her off the scent of his true plans.

In on the whole thing, Nick’s Mom invited Sarah over that Monday for Pink Moon tacos. As a family of melon farmers, recognizing such a profound celestial event wasn’t that unexpected, so Sarah didn’t think much of it. Come Monday evening, Sarah was all ready to go over for dinner, until Nick called to say dinner was delayed. Tired and just a bit hangry, Sarah’s mom made her a grilled cheese sandwich to hold her over until Nick came to pick her up. “I arrive to her house and she comes outside grumpy, holding a mangled piece of grilled cheese that had a like, four or five bites out of it," laughs Nick.

When the pair arrived at Nick’s parents, there was no taco dinner in sight. “We got inside and there were no tacos,” says Sarah. The lights aren't on really, the house doesn't smell like tacos. There’s no dinner — I just remember glaring at him.” It was then that Sarah noticed Harvest Moon by Neil Young was playing (“I made sure of that because we had it on repeat for 45 minutes,” says Nick) and caught a glimpse of the beautiful backyard setup Nick arranged, complete with pink blooms and a Pink Moon viewing station. Nick got down on one knee and pledged for life with Sarah, gifting her with a beautiful emerald-cut ring.

The next few hours were pure bliss for the duo, who spent time reveling in their new fiancé titles, celebrating with family, and texting their friends. “We were so excited taking selfies and sending them off to people, we didn’t even realize the ring wasn’t in the picture and people had no clue what we were supposedly celebrating!” 

NICK PROPOSED under a pink moon. He surprised Sarah with the help our families.

It's a full moon rising, let's go dance under the light. 

- neil young

our puppy mia
vacation: castle hot springs
movie: nancy meyers romcoms: youve got mail
book: lord of the rings
audiobook: the guest list
fast food: in & out 
dessert: john kelly chocolates
drink: espresso martini's


love of my life

First vacation:

castle hot springs

first book: the guest list

LOML Favorites

john kelly chocolates

lord of the rings

sarah's famous lamb recipe

french and jazz music

36 questions  by the new york times modern love

audio books: The Guest List

our puppy mia

espresso martinis



What was the first book you read together?

The Guest List by Lisa Foley. We absolutely loved it and we highly recommend it!

Moon phases hold a special significance in Sarah and Nick's love story.  

They said I love you for the first time on the Harvest moon, which is now their song. Nick proposed to Sarah on Pink Moon, pink also happens to be Sarah's favorite color. A Year later they are tying the knot on exactly a year to date from when he proposed.

The full Moon names used by The Old Farmer’s Almanac come from a number of places, including Native American, Colonial American, and European sources. Traditionally, each full Moon name was applied to the entire lunar month in which it occurred, not only to the full Moon.

April's moon is known as the pink moon, and like the many other astrological events that signal a time for change and growth, this is the perfect opportunity to get rid of any cosmic energy you've been carrying around. The pink moon is all about newness, freshness, and letting go of the things that aren't serving you.

What's the deal with the Moons?

Like the season itself, April's Full Moon, The Pink Moon, is a rosy lunar event that is all about rebirth and renewal. The Pink Moon is named after and often corresponds with the early springtime blooms of a certain pink wildflower native to eastern North America: Phlox subulata—commonly called creeping phlox or moss phlox

Why do we keep seeing this pink flower?

Nick loves Mia! Mia doesn't necessarily get along with anyone. She can be a bit of a brat but she liked Nick right away, shocking her mother! That definitely helped!

Does Nick get along with Mia?

LOML stands for Love of My Life. 

What does LOML stand for?


Who said, "I Love You" first?

Hummingbirds are often symbolized as  messengers from your guardian angels. Their behaviors are influenced by the spiritual presence of angels, guides, or loved ones that have passed on. Hummingbirds are here in their Earthly manifestations for three-to-five years. So, if you have an opportunity to meet a hummingbird in their lifetime, say a prayer of thanks, and think of those you love who have transitioned to the spirit world. The hummingbird is a beautiful reminder that your angels are present.

  Sarah’s grandmother, Kmom loved hummingbirds and she pops in to say hello on big occasions. Nick and Sarah have seen hummingbirds the day Nick told Sarah’s Dad he wanted to propose, the day Nick proposed and even the following day when they told their other friends and family. 

Why do you love hummingbirds so much?